In 2016 I joined my company as their first and only UX researcher. Today I am the Head of a department that serves all teams with knowledge about our users. Here is what I learned in the last five years.

A hand taking notes with a pen.
A hand taking notes with a pen.

Hello 👋 — nice to meet you. My name is Konstantin and I am a Social and Decision Making Psychologist. For the last 5.5 years I grew and lead User Research at OneFootball, the world’s largest football media platform with 11 million monthly active users. Starting from October 2021 I will work as a Freelance User Researcher and UX Consultant in Berlin.

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Establishing and growing User Research as a discipline and team within a digital product company has so far been the most challenging and exciting task in my professional life…

A large share of UX researchers has worked in different areas of design before moving into research, entering the field without any education in statistics. As UX research becomes more mixed method, I want to encourage every young UX research professional to overcome their fear of numbers, and start investing in data analysis skills.

Two hands, one holds a speech bubble representing qualitative research. The other hand holds bar plots, representing quantitative research.
Two hands, one holds a speech bubble representing qualitative research. The other hand holds bar plots, representing quantitative research.

UX research is both simple and very complex.

Over the years, UX research has become more and more professional, not only visible by the growing ResearchOps community, but also more accessible, as we see in a growing number of job postings and companies investing in UX research. With growing popularity in design thinking, more and more people become interested in the field, move into UX research from psychology, ethnographic studies, human factors, design or other fields.

The power of UX research lays both in its simplicity and also its complexity. While UX research is simple in the sense that the outcome of projects are mostly understandable and need…

The internet as we know it today will change. Rather invisible to the public eye, the technological foundations for a future version of the internet are defined today, and the two keywords are #blockchain and #decentralization.

blockchain word built out of scrabble blocks.
blockchain word built out of scrabble blocks.

The internet 2.0 that we all use today is designed around central platforms that connect individuals. These platforms act as middle people for all sort of interactions. When a person buys something from another person, eBay sits in the middle and defines the playground as well as the rules of the game. Same for social interactions (Facebook, WhatsApp) and financial transactions. It’s the banks that define the rules, ask for fees and enable two people to transfer money. …

How to measure User Experience to meet business goals.

Quite often, user satisfaction and business success are understood as opposite poles of the same axis. You either please your users by working on aesthetic functionalities, or you focus on business-driven initiatives. In too many planning sessions, the need to serve the user is overly expressed, as if there was a hidden fight for priorities: You either make money, or you make the users happy.

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If the sentence “We can not afford to focus on UX, we are not even profitable” sounds familiar to you, then there seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding…

While many people do their new years resolutions and define personal goals for the next year, it shows that goals themselves do not lead to behavioral change. Instead, the system in which you act needs to change in order to enable a person to achieve goals in the long term. Defining the goal of finishing a marathon in 2021 is fair enough, but actually changing your routine and daily structure to free up time for long hours of training, and then actually putting your shoes on and moving your body out of the house, over and over again — that…

It’s that time of the year again. It’s goal setting time. A new year just started, and that is a good chance for many people to set new goals and change their habits.

The problem with goal setting is: It never works. Setting a goal will not lead to behavioral change, because it does not include a strategy for how to achieve that goal. I want to walk 10'000 steps per day is a great goal, but most people will forget about it after a few weeks. They just don’t manage to build a routine around the goal. Also quite…

Step by Step: How to build a User Research repository in Notion. Including templates.
Step by Step: How to build a User Research repository in Notion. Including templates.

As a User Research team, we serve other departments in our company. We work for those who need our input right now and we serve those further in the future, who want to read through our reports. One of the most discussed issues is how to organize research in a way that you deliver insightful results fast and provide enough clarity in your report so that it stays relevant for a long time. …

Many companies perceive User Research as a luxury, something you might consider after all the essentials are there. It is a common misconception that insightful User Research can only be done in one-way mirrored laboratory rooms with fancy camera systems. Here’s how you can bring the magic of User Research into your company, based on minimum budget.

How to run insightful User Research on minimum budget.
How to run insightful User Research on minimum budget.

Step 1: Allow your users to get in touch with you.

This is very basic and most of you will have an email inbox in place, which allows your users to contact you. If you don’t have a User Research setup in your company yet, you can turn Customer Care into your first tool to learn more about your users’ needs and routines. Turn every touchpoint with your users into the start of a longer lasting relationship. I wrote an article about that:

While you can get a simple email inbox for 0 dollars, it is quite hard to cluster your feedback and sort it by priority. From a list of…

Who’s opinion matters most when it comes to your product? The CEO’s opinion? The Marketing people’s opinion? Nope. Neither. As long as your users and customers don’t enjoy your products, it does not matter what anyone else thinks. It must be your business goal to understand your customers’ needs as best as possible.

Turn Customer Care into your backup User Research tool.
Turn Customer Care into your backup User Research tool.

If you don’t test your products before release, at least collect feedback after.

You want to build a product that your customers enjoy and recommend to their friends and family. In order to do that, you could fully trust your gut. Many entrepreneurs and product managers think they know what their users want. And fail. Instead, many successful companies invest in User Research and invest money and resources into feedback collection before their product or individual features even go live. You want to know what does not work and fix your mistakes as early as possible, before you release a product that people don’t enjoy using. You reduce the risk of failing and…

UXers must be aware of their own cognitive biases in order to make reasonable, evidence based judgments.

In UX, part of our daily job is to predict the users’ intentions and make decisions based on data and UX research results. But when it comes to judgment and decision making, we are worse than we might think. Tons of psychological research has shown that humans are quite lazy when it comes to weighing all relevant information, instead we apply easy rules of thumb that have worked for us in the past, and ignore many aspects of the problem we are trying to solve. …

Konstantin Escher

Head of User Research @OneFootball in Berlin. Social & Decision Making Psychologist.

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